Masters In Data Science

Learn the concept of Data Science by uniting Statistics, mathematics, computer science and domain knowledge and information science to extract structured and unstructured data’s.

India’s No. 1 Data Science Program

Are you willing to learn Data Science?

Anyone can opt for the course whether student or an experienced professional if you can fulfil the below conditions you can become Data Scientists.


  • Programmers or non-programmers determined to learn to program
  • Possessing excellent analytical skills
  • Passionate problem solver
  • Ready to devote 20hrs/week for 3-4 months of training.

Profiles of Skill Shiksha’s Students

Non-IT Professionals
IT Professionals

Program Highlights

Major Highlights

datascience program

Active online M. Sc in DS for working professional

Over 60+ Case Studies and Projects

One on One interaction with Industry Mentors for any suggestions or counselling

Devoted Student Success Mentor

Worldwide Access to various job openings

500+ Hours of Learning

Group Mentorship with Industry Mentors every 2 weeks

Doubt Session on equal intervals

Gained IIT and LJMU Alumni Status

No Cost Easy EMI Option

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What you will learn:

Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, etc

Who can enrol for this program?

Anyone ready to devote their time in learning regardless of any specialization or background such as Engineers, Marketing & Sales Professionals, Fresher’s, Data Professionals, Domain Experts, Software & IT Professionals can opt for this program.

Job Opportunitie

We can see various job opportunities to transform you as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer or a Business Analyst.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

Required Bachelor’s degree with or without coding experience

Data Science Course Curriculum

With the widespread of various platforms for marketing in the vast worldwide web, Digital Marketing has become one of the most distinct profiles for various lucrative jobs. Master in Digital Marketing will not only help you gain skills on tools and techniques but will also make your portfolio firm with several advantages.

Introduction to Data Science:

  •     What is Data Science and why is it so important?
  •     Overview of Data Science and Analytics
  •     Who is Data scientist?
  •     Data science skill sets
  •     Data science life cycle
  •     Data science job roles


Python for Data Science:

  •     Introduction to Python
  •      Features of Python
  •      Installing and running Python 
  •     Operators in Python
  •              Arithmetic Operators
    •             Assignment Operators
    •             Comparison Operators
    •              Logical Operators
    •              Bitwise Operators
    •              Identity Operators
    •             Membership Operators
  •     Data Types in Python
    •             Numbers
    •             Strings
    •              Tuples
    •             Lists
    •             Dictionaries
    •             Sets
  •     Flow Control
    •             if statement
    •             if else statement 
    •             while statement
    •             for statement
    •             break statement
    •             continue statement
    •              Functions in Python
    •              Pass By Reference
    •              File Handling in Python
  •     Data manipulation with Pandas &Numpy
  •     Exploration data analysis with python
  •     Time series analysis using python
  •     Assignment


  •     What is Data?
    •           Categories of Data
  •     What Is Statistics?
    •           Basic Terminologies In Statistics
    •           Sampling Techniques
  •     Types Of Statistics
    •            Descriptive statistics
      •                     Measures Of Centre
      •                     Measures Of Spread
      •                   Information Gain & Entropy
      •                   Confusion Matrix
      •                   Descriptive Statistics Demo
      •                   Probability
      •                   Terminologies In Probability
      •                   Probability Distribution
      •                   Types Of Probability
      •                    Bayes' Theorem
    •             Inferential statistics
      •                   Point Estimation
      •                   Interval Estimation
      •                   Margin Of Error
      •                   Estimating Level Of Confidence
      •                     Hypothesis Testing
      •                     Inferential Statistics Demo


  •      Understanding and Visualizing data
  •       Data visualization using python Matplot
  •      Data Visualization in Tableau
  •      Assignment

Machine Learning (Supervised Learning):

  •     Linear Models
    •         Linear Regression
    •         Logistic Regression


  •     Classification
    •         Decision tree
    •         Random Forest
    •         Support Vector Machine
    •         KNN
    •         Naiyve Bayes


  •     Case Study

Machine Learning (Unsupervised Learning):

  •     Clustering
    •         K-Means
    •         Association Rule Learning
  •     Dimensionality Reduction
    •         Need for dimensionality reduction
    •         Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
    •         Singular Value Decomposition (SVD
    •         T-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE)
  •     Reinforcement Learning
    •         Markov Decision
  •     Case Study

Deep Learning:

  •     Neural Networks
    •         Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    •         Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
    •         Long Short-Term memory (LSTM)
    •         Gated recurrent units (GRUs)
    •     Case Study

Big Data Analytics:

Qualified & Experienced Trainers

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You just need a computer or a mobile device to start your session from anywhere in the world.


We assign the task to understand the level of understanding and to ensure a good hold over the topic.

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Upcoming Batches

Batch : Regular Batches
Duration :118 Hrs Training / 12 Hrs Backup Classes
Next Batch Starts : Coming Soon Duration : 6 Months
Fee : Onetime Payment Rs. 38,490 + 18.00% GST = Rs.45418/-
In 2 Easy Instalments- 41490/- + 7468/- (18% GST) = Rs 48958/-

Become a Data Science Expert

Earn a verified certificate after the completion of the course covering the entire data science workflow. Novice or expert, you will gain vast knowledge in data manipulation, data visualization, statistics, machine learning, and much more.

Data Science Course FAQ'S

The missed classes can be covered by attending any of the upcoming batched. DIDM did not charge any extra fee for the missed classes. This has to be informed before hand to get your seat booked in the training session.

Yes, you can get access to the upcoming batches to clear your doubts and have better knowledge on such topics. DIDM do not charge any extra fee for it.

You can easily get salary from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50,000 monthly depending on your skill and time investment.

For attending this training program from DIDM, you need to complete XII

For getting certification, we have provided an evaluation system that judge trainees based on the subjective and practical knowledge. Once the program is successfully complete, we provide the certification.

Yes, DID provide soft copies of the training material and not the hard copies.

Yes, DID provide soft copies of the training material and not the hard copies.

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